Eastern Kentucky University Center

Dr. Cynthia Harter
EKU Center for Economic Education

Dr. Cynthia Harter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) and the Director of EKU’s Center for Economic Education. As Center Director Dr. Harter has conducted teacher workshops on various personal finance and economics topics, has designed and taught multiple online economics teacher courses focused on pedagogical integration into the K-12 classroom and facilitated workshops for teachers in Latin America as a faculty member of the Council for Economic Education’s Training of Trainers program. Moreover, Cynthia has collaborated with teachers and education consultants to align instruction and content to common standards while assimilating them into alternative content areas as well as expanding content facilitation through utilizing applications like games, literature, movies and music. In addition to giving workshops and teaching courses, Cynthia has been an active researcher in the area of economic education having published studies analyzing the teaching and learning of economics. Her acquisition of numerous research grants has enabled her to construct projects to train teachers and study the effectiveness of various curricula and teaching methods in central and eastern Kentucky. Cynthia has published articles in a number of academic journals including but not limited to the Journal of Economic Education, Southern Economic Journal, International Review of Economics Education and Eastern Economic Journal. Cynthia earned her B.A. in economics in 1988 from Tulane University and her Ph.D. in economics from Purdue University in 1995.