Morehead State University Center

Janet Ratliff
Morehead State University Center for Economic Education

Dr. Janet Ratliff is an Assistant Professor of Management/Entrepreneurship at Morehead State University (MSU) where her career has spanned 23 years. Her experience and background include working with teachers throughout the service region and beyond to assist them in better understanding how to integrate economics P-12 into all subject areas. This includes conducting professional development workshops, working with Regional Service Centers in Social Studies Academies and actively writing grants to support such endeavors. Dr. Ratliff’s research experience includes economics, entrepreneurship and sustainability. As a Center Director and Enactus Advisor, she also works with students (P-12 and college) on entrepreneurial efforts. In both of these roles Dr. Ratliff works to leverage resources to promote entrepreneurial efforts that address needs in the area and assist underserved populations to improve the quality of life and the standard of living. In April 2014 she was recognized nationally while attending the Enactus National Exposition in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she received the Jack Kahl Entrepreneurial Leadership Award in recognition for her work in exemplifying and providing outstanding leadership and service to the region and for advancing the mission of the Enactus organization. Dr. Ratliff received her doctorate from the University of Kentucky.