History & Basics

Sprouts University is an early childhood program which began in 2006 thanks to the generosity of the PNC Foundation whose most recent grant was awarded in December of 2014. The Sprouts Program teaches students ages Pre-K to 2nd grade economics with connections to math and literature through dramatic/planful play. The program is designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by focusing on learning opportunities in dramatic/planful play that enable children to relate math and economic concepts with real world experiences. The monetary and economic approaches emphasized include tenets like needs, wants, choices, resources, trade and specialization. Most importantly, the mathematical fundamentals taught are aligned with both Brigance Standards and Math Common Core Standards. Program implementation and facilitation are achieved through instructor orientation presented at Head Start facilities, schools and day care centers. Since the program’s inception the KCEE has reached more than 150 facilities and over 1000 teachers. The Sprouts Program tools encompass a kit that includes teacher and activity guides as well as children’s dramatic play literature books. Please find out what Sprouts can do for you by exploring the teacher and parent links below.

For more information please contact us at SproutsUNews@gmail.com.