What is the Stock Market Game?

In The Stock Market Game™ (SMG), student teams in grades 4-12 receive a virtual $100,000 to invest in stocks and mutual funds using a real-world Internet simulation. SMG can be taught as an enrichment activity, a project-based activity, or teams of teachers can incorporate different aspects of SMG into their own curriculum as an interdisciplinary project.

How does the program and competition work?

Students in grades 4 through 12 (and college!) are enrolled in teams and manage a simulated investment portfolio for 12 weeks. Starting with a virtual cash account of $100,000, students strive to create the best-performing portfolio using a live-Internet trading simulation. Students research and evaluate companies and stock data and make investment decisions based on what they’ve learned. They work together in teams, developing leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation skills as they research company and stock data and compete for the top spot and prizes! Rankings are updated daily and prizes are awarded to the top ranked teams! For more details see the SMG Introduction.

As the teacher, you have the flexibility of choosing how much or how little class time to devote to the program. The program can also be used as an after-school activity! Grade and subject-specific curriculum guides, lesson plans, and newsletters are provided for classroom instruction with the program and correlated lessons aligned to Kentucky State Academic Standards.

How do I get started in The Stock Market Game?

To get started in the SMG program you need to visit your local SMG program’s registration page which provides essential information on program requirements and important dates. The SMG is a national program of the SIFMA Foundation coordinated locally by nonprofit partners like the KCEE. Click to Register.

Where do I begin after I’ve registered?

If you are new to The Stock Market Game, start in the “Getting Started” section of the Teacher Support Center. It has lesson plans and introductory guides for implementing the program. If you are a returning teacher, start by reviewing your favorite lessons and activities as some of the lessons may have been updated since the last time you participated.

What is the Teacher Support Center?

The Teacher Support Center is a searchable library of curriculum resources, lesson plans, assessments, and standards correlations that help you introduce your students to personal finance fundamentals including saving and investing. These resources provide real-world practice in core academic subjects such as math, english and social studies (economics). Rubrics are provided to evaluate critical thinking, collaboration, research and oral skills of teams and individual team members by the teacher and/or by team members.

What if I don’t know anything about investing?

The objective of the SMG program is to introduce its participants to the fundamentals of investing. Each lesson plan provides a brief Teacher Background to provide you with enough information to successfully implement the lesson with your students. In addition to the Teacher Background briefs, the SMG Teacher Support Center provides you with publications, links, and other resources to help get you comfortable teaching the content. You can also contact your local SMG Coordinator for additional assistance.

What if I’m not a teacher?

Everyone has the potential to be a great SMG teacher. The challenge is finding the teaching materials appropriate for your teaching environment. The SMG Teacher Support Center provides materials that help you teach fundamental investment concepts in afterschool, homeschool and other out-of-school/alternative teaching situations.

Do you have materials for afterschool and homeschool use?

Yes. The Teacher Support Center has easy-to-follow instructional guides, suggested lessons, activities, and projects for afterschool and homeschool participants. Though afterschool and homeschool resources are designed specifically for their respective audiences, they may be used interchangeably with each other or with educational materials designed for classroom participants.

How do I access the Teacher Support Center?

There are two distinct logins in The Stock Market Game: (1) Advisor and (2) Team. The Advisor ID and password are used to log into the Teacher Support Center. The Team ID and Password are used by students. Each team receives a shared team ID and password to log into their online investment portfolios. The Advisor is easily distinguished by the capital “T” in the third section of the ID (e.g. KY_12_T123456). Log in by clicking the appropriate link at www.stockmarketgame.org. Advisors and their Teams login at the same site.

What do you mean by “Correlated to Common Core State Standards?

Lessons in the Teacher Support Center are correlated to the national Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These correlations are presented in an interactive table in the Standards section of the Teacher Support Center. The Stock Market Game effectively contextualizes the academic content standards, practices, and career skills expressed in the CCSS, STEM, and by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

For more information please contact us at SMG.KCEE@gmail.com.