The You In Entrepreneurship

SPARKLERS is a project-based assessment for The YOU in Entrepreneurship which is a curriculum created by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education for the Kentucky Department of Education.

The YOU in Entrepreneurship is a high school standards-based unit of study developed by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education (KCEE). The unit includes 10 exploratory lessons with instructional PowerPoint presentations and student learning activities culminating with a project to identify local entrepreneurial opportunities. The unit can be integrated within any of Kentucky’s 14 career clusters. The entrepreneurship unit could become part of Tech Prep, High Schools That Work, career academies, work-based learning programs and in high schools restructuring around career themes.

The lessons show students that an entrepreneur is a risk-taking individual who uses productive resources to implement innovative ideas for new thoughtfully planned ventures. Entrepreneurship is the spirit to pursue opportunities and to fulfill needs and wants through innovation and business creation. The unit will teach high school students what entrepreneurship is about, how to determine if they have the fortitude and aptitude to start a business and to encourage great ideas about local business opportunities.


Kentucky Department of Education

The mission of Career and Technical Education is to assist schools in providing students with the skills necessary to transition successfully to post-secondary education or the workforce. Moreover, their mission is to aid schools in instilling their students with the desire for life-long learning in a global society. Career and Technical Education is an essential component of high school curriculum representing as much as a third of the high school experience for many students. It is a critical factor in meeting the needs of students in academic achievement, career exploration and preparation as well as leadership development. Successful transition to post-secondary education, the workforce or military is one of the goal’s of Kentucky’s educational system with the percentage of students successfully making the transition being a component of the high school accountability index.


WIRED65 is funded by a $5 million grant awarded to the Central Kentucky region in 2007 by the U.S. Department of Labor WIRED Program. WIRED65 is a federal effort focusing on Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development. The WIRED65 Initiative is focused on uniting an economic region that encompasses 26 counties (19 in Kentucky and 7 in Southern Indiana). The regional approach to workforce development will support innovation, entrepreneurship and strong economic growth making the region more competitive in the global marketplace.

Kentucky counties designated by the WIRED Initiative include: Adair, Breckinridge, Bullitt, Carroll, Grayson, Green, Hardin, Henry, Jefferson, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Taylor, Trimble and Washington.


This program will be available for download in the KCEE online store in the near future following updates to the Teachers Guide being aligned to Common Core Standards. The program ($100 per download) will include a Teachers Guide and 10 PowerPoint presentations.

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