Measures of Success

The Kentucky Council on Economic Education (KCEE) will support WIRED school districts in the implementation of components of The YOU in Entrepreneurship and create a culture of entrepreneurship potential in young people that has the capacity to impact economic development and business creation.

The purpose of this Kentucky Council on Economic Education (KCEE) project is community impact through entrepreneurial teaching and learning activity in four significant ways

1. Teaching high school students what entrepreneurship is about; how to determine if they have the fortitude and aptitude to start a business; and to encourage great ideas about local business opportunities through a standards-based unit of study and a showcase of students’ ideas about a business idea.

Measure of Success

1000 high school students taught the entrepreneurship content.

2. Identifying educators who will be willing and able to integrate entrepreneurship within a career and technical course; reinforce students interested in pursuing a business venture; and connect that student interest to a career path.

Measure of Success

30 high school educators in 22 high schools teaching entrepreneurship content in career and technical classes in high schools within WIRED identified school districts.

3. Nurturing connected purposeful relationships among students. local entrepreneurs, existing businesses and new businesses to create an ongoing community business generator in 15 WIRED counties.

Measure of Success

15 school-business partnerships created from the WIRED initiative.

4. Encouraging and motivating students to creatively think about entrepreneurial sparks to new business activity in their community.

Measure of Success

15 community projects stemming from student business ideas.